About Us

The Amrapali investment pvt.Ltd (AIPL) established in 2071 B.S. under company act 2063.It is an autonomous entity dedicated to developing human and knowledge resources for small & youth entrepreneurship and business promotion in small area to Nepal through a number of impact -generating quality tools such as training ,research ,consultancy young Enterprise education and management development programmes.
since its inception AIPL has been providing its services, It is a complete market or financial service management company with the aim of creating balanced manage and disciplined market to support the whole economic factors of nation.
Along with financial services,digital marketing & management sevice ,Agri-product farming ,collecting, processing, supply and delivers to vendor retailer and consumer also education or health sector work marketing and management services targeting small intermediary organisation as well as potential and existing entrepreneurs in changing political and socio-economic context of nepal.
AIPL aims to re-engineer its services to address the needs of different organisations and individual involved in small enterprise development.
Leading on small youth entrepreneurship movement through out the small area to country toward formal and sustainable enterprising.
Transforming AIPL into a national resource centre on enterprise development to drive on the upfront players (small entrepreneurship mover/enterprise facilitators/Technical and management service provider) across small area to all over Nepal .
– creating opportunity for risk free investment small & medium enterprise developing.
– solving the problem of Nepalese market like(undisciplined ,unscientific
fic,fraud & vulgarity)
– Motivational advising all level of consumer for better product ,production and better investment.
— Organizing social welfare ,environment work and humanity all over the world.
— Establishing and maintain high quality health and education facilities for all level of consumers.
— Digitalizing the corporate sector.
— Well managed human resources.