C.E.D Voice

The Amrapali investment pvt. ltd. incorporated company under company act 2063.It is a complete market or financial service management company with the aim of creating balanced manage and disciplined market to support the whole economic factors of nation .
our research shows that Nepalese market has the great potential to reach national & international market ,but there are big problems likes unemployment ,lack of modern education system also technical education, lack of knowledge to development agriculture in modern system, lack of proper health facility for rural area people and also lack of proper managing skill of IT- field ,digital marketing in rural area and all over Nepal.
The main objective of our company is to creating opportunity for risk free investment, solving the problem of Nepalese market like(undisciplined , unscientific, fraud,& vulgarity),Motivating and advising all level of consumer for better products , production and better investment . Organizing social welfare /environmental work and humanity all over the world. Establishing and maintain high quality health & education facilities for all level of consumers also digitalizing the corporate sector & well managed human resources…
Sushant Kumar Shah
Chief Executive Director
Amrapali Investment Pvt. Ltd.